Unicaja Banco offers more than 430 million in pre-granted loans in its new intensive crop campaign

Unicaja Banco, coinciding with the start of the 2017-2018 agricultural season, has launched its new ‘Intensive Crops’ campaign in which the financial institution maintains its support to the agricultural sector, offering up to 436.5 million euros in its line of loans pre-granted aimed at the fruit and vegetable sector.

In a note, he explained that the pre-granted loans stand out for their low-interest rate and agility in their concession, with which the financial institution responds to the financing needs of farmers, so they can have, quickly and immediately, of the pre-agreed amount to undertake the initial campaign investments.

The new ‘Intensive Crops’ campaign of Unicaja Banco also includes other types of financing adapted to those that carry out their activity in the field of agriculture: loans with eleven months with very competitive interest, six months with an interest rate of zero percent, the Univerde Card, without any commission, which offers the possibility of postponing payments until the end of the campaign, as well as agricultural insurance and loans better now than later for investment.

Thus, this new campaign is part of the wide range of Unicaja Banco products and services to meet the needs of the agricultural sector and highlights the traditional commitment of the financial institution to this group, which is manifested in specific financing solutions and other types of services.

Unicaja Banco continues to be one of the main financial entities that lend its support to agriculture. This support is reflected in the continuous adaptation of their products to the needs of farmers and companies in the sector (marketing of fruit and vegetable products, supplies, plastics and other auxiliary industry), with the creation of a wide range of products and services specialized financial and interesting conditions, ranging from intensive crops, herbaceous crops, olive groves, industrial crops, winegrowers or livestock, to the food industry and marketing companies.

The offer of Unicaja Banco in its new ‘Intensive Crops’ campaign will be valid until April 30, 2018, and offers specific products and services under very favorable conditions to cover the particular needs of the fruit and vegetable sector, with a special interest in greenhouse operations.

This agricultural campaign has special relevance in certain regions

of Andalusia and comes to meet the financing needs for both the purchase of supplies, and to help improve the acquisition of technology, increasing the yield of crops thanks to the installation of improvements in irrigation structures and systems.

It also stresses that the amortization of capital and interest on the loans for the campaign offered by Unicaja Banco is at the expiration of the same, which allows the client to adapt said maturity to the date on which the harvest is collected.

Among the offer of Unicaja Bank in the campaign ‘Intensive Crops’ 2017-2018 include products such as ‘Pre-granted intensive crops’ campaign loans, where the entity allocates a sum of 395.3 million euros to the line of pre-granted loans for customers of the horticultural sector, with a maximum amount depending on the crop, with a “very competitive” interest rate and with amortization at maturity.

Also, it indicates’ Campaign loans’ Investment to five years pre-granted ‘, which adds, to the previous ones, 41.2 million euros (for clients in the area of Almeria with assigned amount) for a pre-granted of Modernization and Improvement of holdings of Intensive Crops The ‘Campaign loans’ Intensive Crops. Type Zero ”, with a maximum amount depending on the crop, a period of six months, a zero percent interest rate and amortization at maturity.

Unicaja Bank has also called attention to the ‘Univerde Card’, a professional agricultural card whose use is exclusive in shops that adhere to the Univerde agreement (more than 500 adhered stores) and which offers the possibility of postponing payments until the end of the campaign. This card has no issue or maintenance cost, nor any type of commission. It allows the customer to choose from a wide range of different payment methods the one that best suits their needs.

He also pointed out the wide range of specific agricultural insurance for the fruit and vegetable sector (insurance of winter surfaces, insurance of winter structures, etc.) and long-term investment loans, to undertake improvements in greenhouses, buy new ones, change plastics for the campaign, install drip irrigation, all designed to meet the investment needs, adapting its amortization and periodicity of the settlements to the specific needs of the sector.

News Announce company pension plans: An impossible venture?

News Announce company pension plans: An impossible venture?

finanzen.de News always well informed

Monday, 08.02.16 , written by Anja Schlicht Employees can build up a financial cushion for retirement with occupational pensions. They benefit from some advantages, but with certain disadvantages. Some insured therefore play with the idea to terminate the company pension. But this is usually not possible.   Frustrating: Termination of the BAv mostly impossible

The conclusion of a company pension can be advantageous , especially if the employer participates in the deposits . Since the contribution for the old-age provision goes away from the gross income, the social contributions, for example for the care and health insurance, reduce for employees.

In addition, the revenues from the BA are taxed only at the start of the payday so that employees benefit from lower tax payments. Because their tax rate is usually lower in old age than during working life.

Cancel company pension due to disadvantages

Occupational pensions also have disadvantages that are not always adequately informed. For example, full pension and health insurance contributions are incurred on the pension, which significantly reduce the company pension . Critics therefore speak of a minus business. If this only becomes apparent after the decision for the BAA, one wonders how sensible it is to terminate the company pension plan. An answer to this is unnecessary in most cases.

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Termination of occupational pension plans not provided

The termination of company pension is usually not possible. The legislator stipulates that the contributions are used for old-age provision and therefore only be paid out at the age of retirement . Sometimes insurers can allow exceptions. However, since employees benefit from tax savings in the pay-in phase due to a lower payroll tax, the state can get them back if the contract is terminated early. The repayment is reduced, so this step usually proves to be unprofitable .

Payment of the BAV only at the retirement age

If the company pension scheme is financed by employers, there is another hurdle. Because the boss acts as policyholder . He must first sign a waiver and thus transfer his so-called policyholder characteristics to the employee. Then comes the possibility to examine more closely whether the termination of the occupational pension is somehow feasible. Almost always, however, that the payout is granted only at retirement age. To bridge short-term financial bottlenecks , it therefore makes little sense to touch on the company pension scheme.

Unpunable claims in the case of occupational pension

The BAA claims are vested. If only the employee pays money into the occupational pension scheme, for example through the salary conversion, this applies immediately. If the employer participates, there is a three-year period before the occupational pension is actually maintained when changing jobs.

Non-occupational retirement provision instead of termination

As occupational pensions can not usually be terminated, the alternative option is to make the contract non-contributory . If necessary, fees will be charged to the insurer. At the same time, insured people have to think about how to prepare for old age as an alternative . Because without any additional financial cushion, they can not keep their usual standard of living in retirement. In addition, the statutory pension is usually not sufficient. Many people threaten without supplementary provision for the old age even old-age poverty.

Tip: Find out which pension options fit your financial scope, with a non-binding offer for retirement.

Alternatives to company pension plans

As alternatives to occupational pensions are available state-subsidized pension plans . While the Rürup pension is recommended by its tax advantages, especially for high earners, but also for self-employed and freelancers, the Riester pension benefits by their state allowances, especially families.

In general, the right financial security for retirement depends on several factors:

  • How much risk or security do you want?
  • How much money can you cover monthly or annually?
  • Should the financial cushion be paid in one go or monthly?

Those who have answered these questions for themselves and are looking for optimal retirement products will soon be overwhelmed by the immense choice . For this reason, it is advisable to rely on an expert in private retirement provision who can reliably find care offers tailored to individual needs.

  • Here you will find tips and further information on old-age provision. >
  • Anja Schlicht
  • editorial staff 

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Strom sparen: Mit kleinen Tricks den Stromverbrauch senken

Verivox Wechselschutz Siegel
Damit Sie sicher sparen, ist Ihr Wechsel über den Verivox Wechselschutz kostenlos bei der Allianz abgesichert.

Mehr erfahren




Kundenbewertung 24.05.2018 um 15:29 Uhr Man bekommt so günstige Preise die man sonst nicht erreichen würde. Bei Problemen steht Verivos zur Seite und der Wechsel ist wirklich sehr unkompliziert


Kundenbewertung 24.05.2018 um 06:59 Uhr Benutzt Verivox….und ihr könnt Geld sparen.


Kundenbewertung 23.05.2018 um 18:02 Uhr Der gewünschte Wechsel des Gaslieferungen lief schnell und problemlos. Die angebotenen Hilfsmittel, wie z. B. Gasrechner, haben zu dem schnellen Wechsel beigetragen. Die Bestätigung des neuen Lieferanten kam sehr zügig.


Kundenbewertung 22.05.2018 um 09:44 Uhr Alles war ok. Der Gasanbieterwechsel lief reibungslos. Leider rief man mich zu Hause an, um mir weitere Verivox-Produkte aufzuschwatzen. Das fand ich nicht schön.


Kundenbewertung 21.05.2018 um 16:30 Uhr Der Wechsel dauerte ca. 2 Monate, das lag aber am vorherigen Anbieter der nach einem Jahr den Strompreis um ca. 50 % erhöhen wollte. Das Sonderkündigungsrecht/Kündigung durch den neuen Anbieter wurde nicht akzeptiert, ich musste dann nochmals selber kündigen. Das Ganze war sehr zeitaufwendig bis die Stromanbieter jedesmal antworteten. Durch Verivox gab es keine Verzögerung


Strom sparen: Mit kleinen Tricks den Stromverbrauch senken

Strom sparen im Haushalt ist ganz einfach. Denn Strom sparen heißt nicht automatisch, auf den gewohnten Komfort verzichten zu müssen – es gilt nur ein paar wenige, alltägliche Dinge zu beachten: Beispielsweise kann man durch cleveres Timing Strom sparen, den Stromverbrauch senken oder Stromfresser im Haushalt entlarven und ihnen durch Funksteckdosen den Garaus ausmachen. Vor allem bei technischen Geräten wie der Waschmaschine lässt sich die Stromrechnung deutlich senken. Cleveres Heizen senkt die Heizkosten und der Einsatz von Energiesparlampen optimiert den eigenen Verbrauch an Energie nochmal zusätzlich.

Strom sparen – So einfach geht’s!

Die wichtigsten Tipps und Tricks für den eigenen Haushalt. So kann Strom eingespart werden:

  • Heizung: Austauschen der Heizungspumpe spart am meisten Strom
  • Stromsparen im Wohnzimmer: Stromfresser mit Funksteckdose abstellen
  • Kühlschrank: Clever füllen, schnell schließen und optimalen Standort für den Kühlschrank wählen
  • Backofen: Frühzeitig abschalten und auf Vorheizen verzichten
  • Cleveres Timing: Energieintensive Geräte nachts laufen lassen
  • Energiesparlampen um den Stromverbrauch weiter zu drücken und weniger Energie zu verbrauchen
  • Stromkosten sparen: Stromanbieter wechseln und besseren Stromtarif wählen

Heizung: Austausch der Heizungspumpe spart am meisten Strom

Der größte Stromfresser im Haushalt wird von vielen Verbrauchern gar nicht bemerkt: Die Heizungspumpe, die dafür sorgt, dass heißes Wasser in die Heizkörper gelangt, wird mit Strom betrieben. Ist die Heizungspumpe veraltet oder falsch eingestellt, verbraucht sie jede Menge unnötigen Strom. Wer keine brandneue Heizung im eigenen Haushalt hat, sollte daher die Heizungspumpe prüfen und bei Bedarf auswechseln. Neben dem effizienten heizen senkt das den Stromverbrauch im Haushalt nochmal zusätzlich.


Stromsparen im Wohnzimmer: Stromfresser mit Funksteckdose abstellen

Stromsparen: Gerade Unterhaltungsgeräte können wahre Stromfresser sein. Häufig verbrauchen sie selbst im Stand-By-Modus noch Strom. Hier kann eine Funksteckdose beim Strom sparen helfen: Die Geräte werden über eine Mehrfachsteckdose angeschaltet, die wiederum über eine Funksteckdose bedient wird. Per Funkfernbedienung lässt sich die Funksteckdose als Hauptschalter ein- bzw. ausschalten und somit Strom sparen. Solche Funksteckdosen-Sets gibt es schon für 10 Euro im Baumarkt. Das Einsparpotenzial liegt bei 10 bis 50 Watt am Tag. Eine gute Möglichkeit den Stromverbrauch zusätzlich zu senken!

Strom sparen in der Küche: Kühlschrank und Backofen bewusst benutzen

Wer Strom sparen will, sollte den Kühlschrank immer aufgeräumt halten, denn nur so hat man schnell das Gesuchte gefunden und die Kühlschranktür wieder geschlossen. Ein nur kurz geöffneter Kühlschrank senkt den Verbrauch und spart Strom. Außerdem sollte man auf den Standort des Kühlschranks achten: Wer Strom sparen will, sollte den Kühlschrank nicht neben dem Herd, einer Heizung oder in der Sonne aufstellen.

Auch beim Backofen kann man durch das Nutzen von Restwärme Strom sparen. Ist die Backtemperatur erreicht, sollte das Gerät frühzeitig ausgeschaltet werden. Bei Backzeiten über 40 Minuten kann der Ofen in der Regel 10 Minuten früher abgestellt werden. Außerdem sollte man, wenn man Strom sparen will, auf das Vorheizen verzichten.

Stromspartipps: Geld und Strom sparen durch cleveres Timing

Strom ist durch die geringere Netzauslastung nachts wesentlich günstiger als tagsüber. Deshalb können Haushalte mit Zweitarifzählern durch geschicktes Timing Geld und strom sparen, indem sie energieintensive Geräte wie eine Waschmaschine nachts laufen lassen. Neuere Geräte haben häufig eine Zeitschaltuhr, durch die der Waschbetrieb automatisch gestartet wird.

Stromkosten sparen durch den Stromanbieterwechsel

Auch durch den Stromanbieterwechsel kann man die Stromkosten erheblich reduzieren. Vor allem Verbraucher, die noch in der Grundverrsorgung ihren Strom beziehen, können so mehrere Hundert Euro im Jahr sparen. Der Stromanbieterwechsel ist einfach – Sie brauchen dafür nur Ihre Postleitzahl und Ihren jährlichen Stromverbrauch angeben.

Wer noch offene Fragen hat oder sich bei der Wahl des neuen Stromanbieters unsicher ist, kann sich auch kostenlos und unverbindlich an unser Service-Team wenden (0800 – 80 80 890).


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Spain, the country with the most public deficit in the European Union … and the sixth with the most debt

Spain, the country with the most public deficit in the European Union … and the sixth with the most debt

  • Eurostat confirms the 4.5% mismatch (two tenths less without the aid to the bank) that the Spanish Government had announced weeks ago.
  • In addition to Spain, only France (-3.4%), Romania and the United Kingdom (both -3%) registered deficits equal to or higher than the 3% threshold.
  • As for public debt, Eurostat certifies that it stood at 99.4% of GDP, which places it as the sixth most indebted country with respect to its GDP.
  • A FUND : City councils ‘saved’ the deficit in 2016 and allowed Rajoy’s first compliance.

Montoro, during the presentation of the closing of public accounts in 2016. EFE // Javier Lizón

The Government fulfilled last year the objective of public deficit that marked Brussels but that has not prevented it from being the country of the European Union with a greater imbalance in its public accounts in 2016 .

The budget hole of the Spanish administrations rose last year to 4.3% of GDP, a figure that Eurostat has confirmed on Monday. The gap meets the limit of 4.6% agreed with Brussels, although to achieve this it has been necessary for the European Commission to raise the barrier for Spain on a couple of occasions, from the 2.6% that was required at the beginning.

The statistical agency does not include banking aids in its calculation; with them, the Spanish deficit climbs to 4.5% (50,576 million euros), a mismatch in any case higher than all the EU countries . Spain is next to France (-3.4%), Romania and the United Kingdom (both -3%) the only ones above the 3% imposed by the stability pact. Ten countries present surpluses; among them Germany, with a 0.8% favorable balance in their accounts.


462130 944 715

Spain has reduced by eight tenths the deficit of 2015 (5.1%), but it is still far from the 3.1% that the community authorities demand for this year. That forces him to an adjustment of 1.2 points of GDP -about 14,000 million euros- that the government expects to deal with the extra income that the expected economic growth of 2.7% will represent (it would be the highest of all the advanced countries) and of the fiscal reform that could contribute 4,800 million.

The income received by the expansion of the economy will be used entirely to reduce the deficit “We will keep spending frozen, and the income received from the expansion of the economy will be used entirely to reduce the deficit, ” said Alberto Nadal, secretary on Monday. State Budget, during his appearance in Congress to explain the accounts this year. The communities will have a greater margin. “They can raise spending on Education and Health moderately, according to the spending rule.”

Nadal asked the rest of the groups for support to “continue reducing the deficit”, but has found rejection in several parties. Both Javier Lasarte (PSOE) and Segundo González (Unidos Podemos) have aggravated Nadal that the accounts do not include measures against inequality and to raise social spending – now below 40% – to the European standard. “With the excuse of meeting with Brussels, Spain moves away from Europe,” said Gonzalez.

Reducing the deficit sunk 60% public investment

But the cut has not only occurred in social spending. “The effort made to reduce the deficit has had an impact on public investment,” the BBVA Foundation and the IVIE said in a report presented on Monday. His study concludes that -to contain a budget mismatch that rose to 10% in the worst moments of the crisis- Spain has reduced its public investment by 58% since 2009.

It barely weighs 2% of GDP, the lowest rate since the last century After four years of investment cuts, spending on so-called ‘gross fixed capital formation’ rose by 11.6% in 2015 – a marked year by national elections, autonomies and local-, but last year it fell again by 14.3% to 23,432 million . A figure that means 2% of GDP, the lowest rate since the last century.

462261 793 372

All regions have decreased investment. Navarra, the most, did it by 74%. The least, La Rioja with 43%. “The fall has been so intense that in nine communications, the investment made is lower than the depreciation of capital, so the stock that is available [infrastructure, machinery, buildings, computer equipment …] is now lower than that You had it in 2009.

The sixth with more debt

Regarding the Spanish public debt, Eurostat certifies that at the end of 2016 it stood at 99.4% , as had been anticipated at the end of last month by the Bank of Spain. The debit in monetary terms amounts to 1,106,952 million euros.

Sixteen countries have recorded a debt ratio of more than 60% of GDP – the limit set in the Stability Pact – among which Greece (179%), Italy (132.6%), Portugal (130.4%), Cyprus (107.8%) and Belgium (105.9%). Spain would be right after these five.

The lowest percentages of GDP were recorded in Estonia (9.5%), Luxembourg (20%), Bulgaria (29.5%), the Czech Republic (37.2%), Romania (37.6%) and Denmark (37.8%). In the Twenty-eight it went from 84.9% of GDP in 2015 to 83.5% in 2016 and, in the euro area, it registered a decline from 90.3% of GDP recorded at the end of 2015 to 89.2% registered at the end of last year.

Auto Title Cash Loans – Car Pawn Alternative By Paycheck Personal Loans

You may not run with just one constant speed on the economic turf. Sometimes your expenses turns such a shape that you suddenly fit in a trap of emergencies. You need quick funds to pay back those emergencies but you fail to tidy up adequate quantity money. Such situations you’ve not wonder in market place with the loan applications. Rather you would just like to relax and get a the auto title loan.

These kinds of loans are not designed without significant risks. Construct risk, obviously, is when you are unable to repay your lent money. In that instance, there could be the risk of the lender repossessing the family car. Obviously this is not exactly what the lender or go with the borrower really wants. It’s important you do not borrow through you can afford. The interest is high and can also add up immediately. For some people, a more sensible choice is to market their current vehicle and purchase another, more vehicle. Although this is time consuming, it could possibly be the best outcome if your income situation isn’t stable.

A: Many organizations will demand that you verify employment, so in any cases, yes, you must have an occupation. However, for those collecting disability or social security, you might be able to getting a title loan that way because you are receiving monthly purchases. Contact a title loan company recognize if you can get a loan, or fill in an online title application for the loan.

auto title loans may be granted for short-term power. The repayment can you in a subject of days, weeks or months. In as much that the repayment period is short, you nicely be wanting to raise the amount come deadline day. Even if you can’t pay yet, your car will not yet be possessed by the lender. You can rollover your money. But this rollover accommodation will charge more benefit. Continuous rollover will cause you to pay an aggregate amount that is too much and the actual years original bill. What you have try out is pay part of your principal then rollover an inferior balance. You are do this continuously and attempt to pay bigger cost reduce the primary balance, thus your flip over amount could be less.

First, you’ll need to visit each lender’s website; this lets you vehicle insurance basic details about every company. Next, make a regarding the auto title loan lending companies in an individual are most interested. Your last task is to read internet reviews penned about all of companies. Publish will have more give a chance to gauge how other people have liked most of the AutoTitleLoanCash lenders happen to be thinking about using.

So are plenty of an car finance a better option than the standard loan? To start with, committing to an loan does n’t want a credit check required to be accepted. This helps to ensure that someone provides been turned down for more conventional loans can borrow money even when they do dont you have a high credit make. Another advantage is usually that there is just not red tape to cut through may can be ready to receive your loan immediately. For need cash right away, then you will be hard pressed to look for a better option.

The beauty of these auto title poor credit loans is that you only need your car title with an income. There are no requests for guarantors or documentation that is difficult to get. In addition, you get to drive your car when you’ll have taken the cash loan. This means there won’t be any negative effect associated with your car to obtain the loan. When you’ve repaid the loan, you receive the title back and you can also go back to your normal routine.

Get a title loan. Auto title loans are wonderful when you will not want to along with any other available choices. You won’t have to be worrying about creating strained personal relationships. You also won’t need to worry about your score or approval. All you need for a title loan is cars and the title. In case you can prove the car is yours, then you should use it as collateral for a mortgage loan. You will keep driving the car, if you fail to settle the consolidation loan. If you fail to settle the money, the lender can legally take your automobile.