Unicaja Banco offers more than 430 million in pre-granted loans in its new intensive crop campaign

Unicaja Banco, coinciding with the start of the 2017-2018 agricultural season, has launched its new ‘Intensive Crops’ campaign in which the financial institution maintains its support to the agricultural sector, offering up to 436.5 million euros in its line of loans pre-granted aimed at the fruit and vegetable sector.

In a note, he explained that the pre-granted loans stand out for their low-interest rate and agility in their concession, with which the financial institution responds to the financing needs of farmers, so they can have, quickly and immediately, of the pre-agreed amount to undertake the initial campaign investments.

The new ‘Intensive Crops’ campaign of Unicaja Banco also includes other types of financing adapted to those that carry out their activity in the field of agriculture: loans with eleven months with very competitive interest, six months with an interest rate of zero percent, the Univerde Card, without any commission, which offers the possibility of postponing payments until the end of the campaign, as well as agricultural insurance and loans better now than later for investment.

Thus, this new campaign is part of the wide range of Unicaja Banco products and services to meet the needs of the agricultural sector and highlights the traditional commitment of the financial institution to this group, which is manifested in specific financing solutions and other types of services.

Unicaja Banco continues to be one of the main financial entities that lend its support to agriculture. This support is reflected in the continuous adaptation of their products to the needs of farmers and companies in the sector (marketing of fruit and vegetable products, supplies, plastics and other auxiliary industry), with the creation of a wide range of products and services specialized financial and interesting conditions, ranging from intensive crops, herbaceous crops, olive groves, industrial crops, winegrowers or livestock, to the food industry and marketing companies.

The offer of Unicaja Banco in its new ‘Intensive Crops’ campaign will be valid until April 30, 2018, and offers specific products and services under very favorable conditions to cover the particular needs of the fruit and vegetable sector, with a special interest in greenhouse operations.

This agricultural campaign has special relevance in certain regions

of Andalusia and comes to meet the financing needs for both the purchase of supplies, and to help improve the acquisition of technology, increasing the yield of crops thanks to the installation of improvements in irrigation structures and systems.

It also stresses that the amortization of capital and interest on the loans for the campaign offered by Unicaja Banco is at the expiration of the same, which allows the client to adapt said maturity to the date on which the harvest is collected.

Among the offer of Unicaja Bank in the campaign ‘Intensive Crops’ 2017-2018 include products such as ‘Pre-granted intensive crops’ campaign loans, where the entity allocates a sum of 395.3 million euros to the line of pre-granted loans for customers of the horticultural sector, with a maximum amount depending on the crop, with a “very competitive” interest rate and with amortization at maturity.

Also, it indicates’ Campaign loans’ Investment to five years pre-granted ‘, which adds, to the previous ones, 41.2 million euros (for clients in the area of Almeria with assigned amount) for a pre-granted of Modernization and Improvement of holdings of Intensive Crops The ‘Campaign loans’ Intensive Crops. Type Zero ”, with a maximum amount depending on the crop, a period of six months, a zero percent interest rate and amortization at maturity.

Unicaja Bank has also called attention to the ‘Univerde Card’, a professional agricultural card whose use is exclusive in shops that adhere to the Univerde agreement (more than 500 adhered stores) and which offers the possibility of postponing payments until the end of the campaign. This card has no issue or maintenance cost, nor any type of commission. It allows the customer to choose from a wide range of different payment methods the one that best suits their needs.

He also pointed out the wide range of specific agricultural insurance for the fruit and vegetable sector (insurance of winter surfaces, insurance of winter structures, etc.) and long-term investment loans, to undertake improvements in greenhouses, buy new ones, change plastics for the campaign, install drip irrigation, all designed to meet the investment needs, adapting its amortization and periodicity of the settlements to the specific needs of the sector.